Tips For Maintaining Trekking Poles

There is no doubt that a quality set of trekking poles offers users some advantages. For example, these poles can provide users with relief from strains that are associated with walking over terrain that is rough and uneven. However, one of the primary benefits is the comfort and safety they offer users.

In fact, experts have concluded that the use of these types of poles can help to relieve pain in the leg muscles and the knee joints. Also, other studies have shown that the strain on the knees is reduced by almost 250 tons when the user is engaged in an 8-hour mountain tour.

You can purchase the best pair of trekking poles on the market. However, the purchase is not the end of your journey; it is only the beginning.
You will need to make sure the poles are properly maintained and cared for. Fortunately, there is not a lot of maintenance required. The main thing is to ensure the poles do not break and encounter internal corrosion.

There are several tips that you can follow to minimize damage to the poles and ensure they have a long lifespan.


As previously stated, these types of walking poles are not difficult to care for because they are made from special alloys. They also have limited mechanisms. However, if the poles are sitting idle for a period, you may begin to notice signs of corrosion appearing on the poles.

Although there is nothing unusual about corrosion appearing on the outer surface of the poles, it is a cause for concern if the inner part of the poles begins to corrode. This is called internal corrosion, and it is due to water and moisture entering the poles. This can happen if the poles are used while crossing a body of water.

The good news is that internal corrosion can be prevented by making sure the inner parts of the poles are completely dried after use. You do not need to use a heating device to dry the components of the poles, allow it to air dry naturally.

Use Grease Or Oil To Prevent Corrosion

The use of oil and grease can also help to prevent more corrosion on the poles. However, it is important that lubricants are never introduced in the shaft segments of the poles. Manufacturers will often recommend that inside of the pole’s shafts with a barrel brush that is used to clean a gun. These brushes can remove water, oxidation and dirt within the shafts of the poles.

Clean Locking Bolts

The locking bolts and the interior of the pole sections should also be cleaned on a regular basis. A nylon brush can be used for hard to remove dirt and debris. The handles can be simply cleaned with water. The poles can be reassembled by making sure the locking bolt should be located halfway on the thread. This will allow simple shaft entry.

Keep these tips in mind before and after you use your trekking poles. Also, read and follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer to prevent failure of the poles.

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